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About Us

What does SQN mean?

The acronym “SQN” stands for the Latin phrase “sine qua non.” The literal translation is “without which not,” meaning something indispensable or essential. In our business, we feel that fraud prevention, fraud protection and overcoming fraud loss is indispensible in the finance industry. Systems and workflows that provide protections and methods for prevention are essential in today’s high tech, and ever changing business environment: signature verification, check fraud detection, mobile capture, and other verification systems.

SQN Banking Systems’ History

SQN Banking Systems’ history began in 1983, when we revolutionized check fraud detection with the introduction of the first PC-based signature check verification system. Since then, needs have changed and SQN Banking Systems has changed with them. We have developed a comprehensive line of fraud protection software products crucial to overcoming the growing problem of fraud losses. And in an increasingly competitive banking world, we are helping our clients stay ahead of the curve with exceptionally efficient process improvement software. But we remain as committed to the high standards and innovative spirit when we built our first check verification software over three decades ago. We continue to further our fraud protection knowledge and methods to prevent against crimes as old as check fraud or as new as mobile fraud for the most secure transactions possible.

SQN Banking Systems delivers innovative check fraud solutions that serve a range of financial institutions from large, to mid-tier and community banks making them more competitive and more profitable. We offer on-premise applications and hosted solutions for fraud protection and signature verification. Browse our site to learn more about how SQN Banking Systems’ history and experience can assist your bank in detecting check, credit card and mobile fraud with our range of systems and services including image fraud analysis, signature verification, transaction fraud analysis, official check verification, mobile signature capture, safe deposit management and conversion services. Discover what each of these innovative programs can do for you, and how they can ultimately pay for themselves – often within six months.

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SQN Banking Systems
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Toll Free: 888-744-7226
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SQN Banking Systems
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