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ATM Safe


ATMSafe is a branded enhancement program marketed through issuers of debit and credit cards and other financial intermediaries for the benefit of their customers. The product addresses consumers’ account safety and security concerns surrounding various financial platforms such as ATMs, mobile wallet, prepaid cards and remittance transactions. Successful deployment of the ATMSafe brand and benefit program generates fee income, customer loyalty and increases card and mobile wallet activity.

Mobile Wallet Coverage

The ATMSafe mobile wallet platform provides consumers comfort and security when making payments with Smart Phones and Mobile Devices.

  • If a customer loses a mobile/smart phone (or if it is stolen) and subsequently funds stored or credited to the smart phone are fraudulently withdrawn within 24 hours, the customer will be reimbursed.
  • Coverage is in effect worldwide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ATM Coverage

  • If a covered cardholder suffers a financial loss while using an ATM or a similar device, ATMSafe replaces the loss or stolen cash.
  • Coverage is in effect 24/7/365, and it covers customer transactions at any ATM worldwide.

Program Benefits

  • A new profit center for your bank.
  • Promotes the use of ATM cards and other bank cards by bank cardholders.
  • Provides safety and security for various financial platforms: mobile cash transactions, ATMs, remittance transactions, prepaid and payroll cards.
  • Includes global, multiple language, 24/7 customer assistance network.
  • Provides an important enhancement to a bank’s checking account, credit card and mobile banking programs, recognizing the concern for account safety.