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Automated Check Image Analysis

Check Stock Analysis

SENTRY: Inspect™ is SQN Banking Systems’ sophisticated and highly efficient check verification program, making the check clearing process smoother and more secure for both you and the customer. It reviews on-us check images, compares various details with profiles, detects counterfeit and altered on-us checks, and prompts personnel for further vital check reviews.

Distinguishing minute alterations is difficult for the human eye, and fraudsters are very aware of this fact. By accessing customer profiles automatically, SQN Banking Systems’ SENTRY: Inspect can make evaluations of authenticity quickly and successfully. It recognizes all fixed points on checks, such as:

    • Payor name and address
    • Memo and signature line placement
    • Standard text
    • Font and layout
    • Serial number
    • Check size

SENTRY: Inspect makes check fraud protection easier and more effective, offering easier validation for every check transaction.

Automated Check Content AnalysisCheck Content Analysis

SENTRY Content™ reviews the content of on-us check images for greater check fraud detection and protection:

  • Confirms the presence of a signature
  • Detects post dated or stale dated entries
  • Ensures that legal and courtesy amounts match
  • Verifies account number, check number, routing number and barcode information with MICR data

Official Check VerificationOfficial Check Verification

Today it is easier than ever for fraudsters to duplicate checks. Institutions increasingly rely on check images, making traditional anti-fraud technologies like watermarks, micro-printing or special inks obsolete. By implementing SENTRY: Seal™, you and your commercial banking customers will be better protected against check fraud thanks to its ability to print secure barcodes with check specific data — making check fraud detection easier and more effective.

At the branch, the teller using SENTRY: Seal:

  • Scans the check’s seal
  • Views the encoded information
  • Compares it to the printed text
  • Decides if the check should be cashed
  • Can alternatively scan the check and send it to the back office for immediate authentication and fraud detection

With SENTRY: Seal checks are printed with a unique bar code, or seal, that securely stores vital check information, including the check amount, payee name, and the date it was issued. Check verification has never been easier or more accurate than with SENTRY: Seal.

Real-Time Fraud AnalysisReal-Time Fraud Analysis

SENTRY: Fraud Alert™, provides real-time, front-line protection against check fraud, including instantaneous analysis of transactions such as on-us checks, deposits, debit cards, wire, mobile and ACH payments.

SENTRY: Fraud Alert allows banks to validate transactions and conduct check verification at the point of presentment, whether or not the institution has an image-enabled environment. In the teller line or at automated teller machines (ATMs), it looks for anything suspicious and provides immediate feedback, communicating a fraud suspect reason codes for invalid signatures and check stock.

SENTRY: Fraud Alert provide real-time access to fraud detection, allowing you to catch more “on-us” check fraud on Day 0 and reduce workload of back-office operators. Integrating SENTRY: Fraud Alert into your check verification systems makes transactions more expedient and safe for you and your customers.


Ultraviolet Check Image AnalysisUltraviolet Check Image Analysis

SENTRY: UltraCheck™ automates the UV ink check review process saving countless hours over manual check fraud detection methods. Moreover, SENTRY: UltraCheck will automatically detect UV logos as required by global financial regulators.

The combination of complex software and algorithms paired with modern image processing techniques makes for a sophisticated and comprehensive check fraud protection system thatcan quickly find discrepancies on embedded UV marks for key areas of a check, such as:

  • Payee name
  • Legal amount
  • Signature block
  • Bank or company logos

Payee LiftPayee Lift

Increase your data mining capability and cross-selling revenue with SENTRY: Payee Lift™.

SENTRY: Payee Lift extracts data from checks, including the payee name and date. The system then provides an output file of extracted data which can be fed into a workflow.

SENTRY: Payee Lift provides a workflow that allows users to:

  • Review check image and data
  • Key Payee names and date
  • Generate system and user reports
  • Provide multi-user interface and unlimited custom queues

The resulting data may be used by the financial institution to create specialized customer statements.