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Conversion Services

Conversion ServicesConversion Services

Conversion Services

When organizations decide to switch from paper documents, such as signature cards or other forms to an electronic database, they replace bulky paper files that are inefficient and costly to maintain with a system that offers faster, more reliable authentication and retrieval. Yet the task of scanning all of the original documents can seem daunting.

By using SQN Conversion Services, the switch can be seamless and office personnel remain focused on their everyday job requirements.

SQN Conversion Services has the skills and resources to:

  • scan documents at your office or at SQN’s secure facility
  • extract information from any existing image databases and convert for use in new databases
  • dynamically locate graphical objects, such as signatures, on any type of document
  • identify, crop and extract signatures from any document using a custom extraction engine
  • use OCR, mark sense, read barcodes
  • lift block and non-block handwriting
  • index all information
  • create import files that document management systems can use to import newly created data
  • complete the project efficiently and cost-effectively