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Exception Item Workflow

Workflow ApplicationWorkflow Application

SENTRY: Exception™ is a centralized workflow application that displays all exception items, making it a critical component in fraud detection. This powerful software enables operators to make critical pay/no pay decisions hours faster, significantly reducing processing time and increasing security for you and your customers.

SENTRY: Exception ensures that all your systems are working together, whether those tools are from SQN or other vendors. It can reduce the risks of check fraud through specialized check scanner software.

On one screen, SENTRY: Exception displays:

  • Check, Document and Signature Images
  • Check Fraud, Stop Payment and Signature Comparison Suspects
  • Deposit, ACH, Mobile, Wire and Online transactions
  • DDA Exceptions (with balance information)
  • Return Items System Results



SENTRY: Dashboard™ was created for use with the workflow application (SENTRY: Exception), to monitor real-time activities and productivity of both the system and its operators. The software allows you to allocate resources towards the highest level of check fraud exposure.

Using the graphical interface, you can:

  • Perform real-time assessment of overall daily fraud risk
  • Separate check volume by dollar amount and range
  • Review activity by bank, branch, region or application
  • Evaluate fraud ratings assigned to items throughout the day
  • Analyze user activity trends
  • Monitor system activity to ensure smooth item processing
  • Provide data to IT support teams for troubleshooting SENTRY: Exception