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Safe Deposit Management

Safe Deposit ManagementSafe Deposit Management

Safe deposit boxes are known for protecting irreplaceable documents and precious valuables. Administration of safe deposit boxes, however, can be quite cumbersome and time consuming, especially if working with paper management systems. By implementing SQN: Safe Deposit™, all actions can be streamlined, including fraud detection, because of its unique safe deposit management technology.

SQN: Safe Deposit manages a bank’s entire safe deposit operation. Upon client requests for access, entering just the safe deposit box number into the system will…

On one screen, SQN: Safe Deposit displays:

  • Display a screen for each authorized user
  • Show photo identification and signature
  • Confirm if the account billing is current
  • Update the activity log to include each visit

In addition to providing quicker and more secure service to customers, SQN: Safe Deposit saves time by quickly generating: invoices and late notices; visitor logs; waiting lists; box availability records and related costs; and box-income reports to show profitability.