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Bank Fraud Detection

SQN Banking Systems fraud detection software products are a critical step towards overcoming the growing problem of payments for debits and credits including checks, deposits, ACH, mobile, and wire transactions for financial institutions worldwide. Using sophisticated image and transaction analysis algorithms, we help our clients effectively prevent fraud. Our products include a workflow application, automated signature verification, check image analysis, real-time fraud analysis, transaction fraud analysis, bank check verification, mobile signature capture, cloud applications and safe deposit management. Explore SQN's products below and start maximizing your fraud detection efforts today. Check out our latest product brochure here.

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Fraud Detection Systems

Signature Verification Software

SENTRY: SigCheck™ reduces fraud losses by automatically searching on-us check images, extracting applicable signatures and comparing the current signature to those in a verified database. SENTRY: Signature™ instantly displays signatures or photo IDs electronically, making the verification process fast, seamless and more effective.

Fraud Management Workflows for Financial Institutions

SENTRY: Exception™ is a centralized workflow application that displays all exception items, making it a critical business intelligence tool in fraud detection. This powerful software enables operators to make critical pay/no pay decisions hours faster, significantly reducing processing time.