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Fraud Protection
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Hosted Software Solutions

Protect your institution from fraud without blowing your budget on computer equipment, upgrades and maintenance costs with SQN’s Hosted Solutions and its affordable and reliable fraud detection software.

SQN Banking Systems’ Hosted Solutions gives you instant access to industry-leading fraud prevention tools and fraud detection solutions such as automated signature verification, real-time fraud analysis, and transaction analysis. We offer rapid deployment, so you can be up and running in less than two weeks.

And because you’d be using our resources, the operating costs are absorbed by SQN, not your financial institution. We continually upgrade our technology, and check verification software so your data resides on the latest equipment, featuring 100% network and power uptime. Plus, our hosted environment ensures your financial institution’s data is isolated, protected against theft, and safeguarded in the event of a disaster.

Reduce your costs while increasing security with SQN Hosted Solutions and its check verification systems.  SQN’s fraud detection software is now available as a hosted option which includes:

  • Comprehensive detection capabilities
  • Continuously updated technology and equipment
  • Rapid deployment across the company
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Enterprise-wide cost savings

Learn how our fraud detection software and hosted solutions can provide you total fraud protection while saving you time, money and server space. For more information about what our fraud detection solutions can do for you or a software demonstration, please Contact Us.